TSB Logo contest winner Colin Hallock with his family, County Executive Ed Day and TSB Co-chairpersons Leslie Chernin and Chief William Barbera
County Executive Ed Day, Sheriff Louis Falco, III and Jay Hood the Legislative Chairman of the Public Safety Committee honored student Colin Hallock for his submission to the Rockland County Traffic Safety Board.
In 2014, the Rockland County Traffic Safety Board held a contest for area high schools to submit an artistic or graphic design for a logo that the Traffic Safety Board could use for the calendar year 2015. Colin’s submission was chosen over many other creative designs. Colin was joined by his parents, teacher Patrick Mitrione and the principal Kim Bell of Rockland BOCES. Colin is also a student at Tappan Zee High School.  Colin’s design will be prominently displayed on all TSB communications such as the Traffic Safety Board website, Facebook and letterhead. The Traffic Safety Board is hoping to make this an annual event.



Educating students to the dangers of feeling invincible!!!

At Tappan Zee High School.
Chris' Story
On July 6, 2002, at the age of Seventeen I was involved in a terrible car accident that has altered my life forever. I suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury and have undergone rehabilitation for many years to learn to use my hands and learn to walk again. I never regained my speech back. In conjunction with my family, I created a 45 minute presentation that sends a strong message to youths entering the driving age.
The fact that I am sitting here and am able to share my story after such a tragic event is truly a blessing. I was the typical trouble-making teenager that lived in the fast lane. I had lost my Dad from Brain Cancer in 1999, two years prior to the accident and was very angry at the world. Nothing really mattered to me in life, and I had no dreams or plans for my future. My life was from day to day. I was going to school, but was I kicked out most of high school, or I was cutting when ever I wasn’t suspended and partying with my friends.

 The night before the accident, I went to a keg party. My friends and I partied all night. Early the next morning, we decided to go for some bagels. A couple of my friends jumped in one car and I hopped in another car with a girl I had just met the night before. As we were driving and racing with the other car, the girl lost control driving the car I was in and flipped into a ditch. I was NOT wearing a seatbelt so I flipped around like a beach ball. When the paramedics arrived they had to intubate me. This means that they had to place a flexible plastic tube down my windpipe in order to maintain an open airway for me to breathe. This moment was the beginning of a very long, tough road for my family and I. My life was changed forever.

The doctors told my Mom that I would probably never walk or even be the same person because of the Traumatic Brain Injury. I had spent over a year in the hospital going to physical, speech, and occupational therapy. While in the hospital I was tutored so that I was able to graduate high school with my class. After I was able to live home I continued to go for therapy for over two years. I had gone to Suffolk Community College and earned my Associates degree from 2005-2008. When completed I decided that I wanted to go away to college to live on campus, so I moved upstate to Pace University in Westchester and graduated with a bachelors degree in Technology Systems. It has taken a lot of determination and hard work to get where I am today. This does not count all of the surgeries that I had to have.

I am presently living in Long Island , I graduated from Pace University my MASTERS DEGREE in Computer Science. Going out and telling my story is very important to me for I feel that no one should have to go through what I went through, and if I can prevent just one person from making the same mistake, well then I did a great job, I can say that I saved some ones life.
Presentation by Chris Memoli at Tappan Zee High School...Principal Jennifer Amos, Chief William Barbera and Officer Jerry Verdicchio from Sheriff's Department, Chris Memoli and his mom — with Jerry Verdicchio, Chris Memoli, William Barbera and Leslie Ballin Chernin
Chris Memoli with one of the students - Educating students to the dangers of feeling invincible!! Please visit his website at Tappan Zee High School.