Vehicle and Traffic Law §1672 provides that a county may by local law establish a traffic safety board. If the county does so, §1673 provides that local board shall be composed of not less than 10 county residents (at least one but not more than three of whom must be residents of any city contained in the county), appointed by the board of supervisors, for staggered three-year terms.

Chapter 177 of the Laws of Rockland County, citing the Vehicle and Traffic Law, sets the number of members at 20 and specifies that they are to be appointed by the board of supervisors.

Administrative Code §5-173 emphasises that each member of the board shall be a resident of the county.

The Charter Law supersedes Vehicle and Traffic Law §1673, which is not a "general law," insofar as the Charter Law provides all members of boards and commissions are appointed by the County Executive, subject to confirmation by the Legislature, and serve not for a term but at the pleasure of the County Executive.